Why Corporate Financial Management is Important?

Jun 15, 2022
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Corporate financial management is not a new thing. However, there are still many people who do not know what it is and its advantages. 

Furthermore, most of them do not really understand how to manage corporate financial management in detail.

In this article, we will explain further about what corporate financial management is.

What is Corporate Financial Management?

Corporate financial management is a way to ensure that people receive a good return on their investment. This is done through proper investment planning and management of all the money in order to be able to get a suitable profit in the future. This activity involved many things, starting from planning, organizing, and taking control of certain finances.

This corporate financial management is mostly concerned with the finances of the company which consists of a comprehensive way to deal with appropriate investments and manage money at the same time. Therefore, good analytical skills and knowledge related to various investments are needed properly.

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Principles of Financial Management

Corporate Financial Management

Corporate Financial Management (Source: Freepik).

In carrying out financial management, there are several important principles that must be considered so that these activities can run well in accordance with the expectations of business people. To that end, the following principles are things that must be considered in managing company finances:

1. Be consistent

Manage finances in a consistent way over time. To facilitate management and ensure optimal financial management at all times.

2. Accountability

It is very important to provide information openly to investors and owners of company funds. Therefore, always provide periodic reports that are in accordance with the actual financial condition of the business.

3. Transparency

Do not let any transactions be covered up or even deliberately embezzled. Transparency is very important to ensure good and healthy company finances.

4. Management

In the company’s financial management, good management is very important. So it takes effort to do this optimally in the right way.

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The Purpose of Corporate Financial Management

Of course, there are various goals to be achieved through the management of company finances. One of them is to get the results that are expected by most companies. Here are some other goals for managing company finances:

  • To optimize the financial condition of a company. So that it can generate good financial flows, including managing the profits received in the future.
  • It aims to achieve the best investment method and the right profit that can bring many benefits to the company’s finances. So that it will increase company profits and bring the company to be more successful and have good growth.
  • Good corporate financial management for a company is to make better financial planning arrangements. So that it will provide better benefits for the company.

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Planning a Good Corporate Financial Management

It has never been easier to do good financial management for a company. So most of the managers in this field spend a lot of time choosing the right financial planning to make it successful. Including choosing the appropriate corporate financial management. Following are some steps to have a proper plan:

  • Be sure to look at the various possible investment options. Do the analysis and choose the best investment that fits the company’s criteria. So that it can bring optimal results in the end.
  • Adjust to the company’s financial capabilities if the selected investment requires investment capital. So that companies will be able to invest without adding credit or loans from banks.
  • Always measure the investment’s growth and potential future profits. This is a good way to plan the best type of investment and ensure a profitable investment for the company’s finances.

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Tips in Financial Management

Corporate Financial Management (Source: Freepik).

Corporate Financial Management (Source: Freepik).

Seeing the various financial problems above, there are some tips that can be done. Several have been informed in accordance with each of the examples of problems experienced above. However, there are many other ways to carry out effective and efficient financial management. 

Here are some tips to do:

1. Do neat bookkeeping

This is important to ensure all financial activities are recorded properly and optimally. Try to have an accounting system so that all financial transactions are not missed. In this way, the company’s income and expenses can be clearly identified. It can even be seen according to the actual date of the transaction.

2. Collect all proof of transaction without exception

Good corporate financial management will certainly have sufficient evidence related to the financial transactions carried out. Therefore, ensuring that all evidence related to incoming and outgoing funds is complete must be done. This helps to avoid the risk of fraud or embezzlement of company funds.

3. Use an application when needed

Using an application, at least it will make it easier for companies to manage their finances more effectively and efficiently. In addition, the use of the application can save a lot of time and effort by achieving better results.

This is information and a general description regarding corporate financial management. It is quite clear that good corporate financial management is essential. So that the company’s finances can run better, more effectively, and efficiently.