On Mission: Dattabot Continues to Lead IoT Technology and Services in Indonesia

Jan 11, 2018

Dattabot, Indonesia’s leading Big Data analytics company, continues to dominate the industry by creating innovative products and services to answer challenges faced by businesses today.

As the first mover in Big Data in Indonesia, Dattabot has managed to combine knowledge graph, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable the application of Big Data where most of the data is still unconnected and undigitized — something common in developing country like Indonesia.

With their AI-powered data processing robot, Dattabot helps companies to connect data to get more complete knowledge, conduct profiling and discovery to achieve meaningful information, and thus, give contextual recommendation.

Dattabot currently focuses on growing the use of industrial internet, also known as Internet of Things (IoT), in various sectors, from power plant to agriculture. Dattabot is the first start-up in the world to partner with GE Digital, General Electric’s IT division to improve real-time machine monitoring and Big Data analytics to improve industrial efficiency and productivity.  In fact, CEO of GE Jeff Immelt signed the agreement with Dattabot in April 2017 for this partnership.

Dattabot is currently on a mission to digitize the agriculture industry, one grain at a time, using HARA, a platform for data gathering and analytics for agriculture sector.

“To date, we’ve rolled out HARA in eleven districts in eastern parts of Indonesia. We’re on the first phase, which is onboarding farmers to the platform. We’re targeting to have 10,000 farmers by the first quarter of 2018,” Dattabot Co-Founder and CEO Regi Wahyu says.

Later, when the phases have been all rolled out, HARA can help increase farmers’ production by up to sixty percent.

In the future, Dattabot plans to expand the use of HARA to more regions in Indonesia and explore the possibility of cooperation with financial institutions as HARA can also provide the information needed for credit scoring, specifically for those working in agriculture.

Dattabot is also working on the use of wearables at industrial level. As a pilot, Dattabot partners with Pama Persada, one of the country’s leading mining services that is part of Astra International – Indonesia’s largest business group with over US$ 30 billion market cap. Dattabot connects wearable devices worn by mining workers to real-time database which in turn will record the workers’ physical condition and predict their suitability to work on high-risk environment. This breakthrough will prevent death or heavy injuries on mine site and increase working efficiency of the company.

Despite Dattabot’s advancement, IoT and Big Data are still quite unfamiliar concepts among Indonesians. However, Regi believes that the country is on its way to fully appreciate and implement the power of digital data.

“We’re still at the early stage, but we’re getting there. We’ve seen significant exponential growth of the use of Big Data here and I predict by 2020 Indonesian market will be mature and ready to adopt this technology in a massive scale,” he says.

In the meantime, Dattabot will be focusing their course on agriculture for 2018.

“We’re aiming to be the most prominent player in agriculture technology. While most tech company in this sector are doing e-commerce, and trying to cut the middlemen, we want to create the digital agriculture ecosystem,” Regi says. “We want to enable Big Data use and artificial intelligence, and continue to connect data in the granular level throughout the supply chain, from farmers, customers, up to financial institutions.”

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