Leading Coffee Shops in Indonesia

Jul 23, 2020

In the last few years, many F&B startups have started to emerge. From rice bowls to bobas, new trends keep coming and growing. In a market with consumptive nature like Indonesia, everyone wants to try each new cool thing. Among these types of F&B, however, there is one substance that is essential for people of every age: coffee.

Coffee is not just a market trend; more than that, drinking coffees and getting things done in a cafe has already become a new culture. With this trend also comes people’s new favorite: Es Kopi Susu, a variation of iced latte that usually combines espresso, milk, and palm sugar. Depending on each ingredient’s measure and which blend would be used, coffee shops could produce their own unique taste.

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There has been a new shift in consumer behaviour these past few years due to the emergence of grab-and-go coffee shops in the form of a startup; all of them with their own signature Es Kopi Susu menu. A couple of them have even so far gained venture capital funding to accelerate their growth. Here are several leading coffee brands in Indonesia.

Kopi Tuku

Source: https://manual.co.id

Kopi Tuku was founded by Andanu Prasetyo back in 2015. The name ‘Tuku’ itself was chosen from Javanese language which means ‘to buy’; having the vision to be a neighborhood coffee shop by selling affordable coffees and its own coffee beans product. It was the first coffee shop to make the ‘es kopi susu’ trend skyrocketed. Its signature beverage, “Es Kopi Susu Tetangga” or “Neighbor’s Iced Milk Coffee”. Kopi Tuku’s signature The first store to be opened is the one in Cipete, South Jakarta. Kopi Tuku now has 11 shops across the Greater Jakarta area, with some of the shops only accepting online orders.

Kopi Kenangan

Source: Kopi Kenangan

Kopi Kenangan is Indonesia’s fastest-growing on-demand non-franchise coffee chain. It was founded back in 2017 by Edward Tirtanata (CEO) and James Prananto (COO). Now, almost three years later, Kopi Kenangan has more than 300 stores spread across 18 cities in Indonesia. Kopi Kenangan offers good coffees with affordable prices; their signature drink, Kopi Kenangan Mantan, is at IDR 18,000 price point. Kopi Kenangan received their seed funding from Alpha JWC Ventures in 2018 and have grown exponentially since then. They now utilize the use of technology by having their own app to ease the ordering process of their customers.

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Janji Jiwa

Source: Kopi Janji Jiwa

Janji Jiwa is the fastest-growing franchise coffee chain. At the end of 2019, only a year and a half after it was founded, Janji Jiwa received an award from the World of Records Museum – Indonesia (MURI) for “The Fastest-Growing Coffee Shop in One Year”. By then, Janji Jiwa had 700 stores in 50 cities and sold 5 million cups monthly. When talking about Janji Jiwa, people couldn’t help comparing it to Kopi Kenangan for their similar romantic theme. Janji Jiwa is also starting at the same price point as Kopi Kenangan with their Es Kopi Susu. The company has now expanded their products by selling toast to compliment their beverages.

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Source: Fore Coffee

Fore Coffee, similarly with Kopi Kenangan, is also a VC funded non-franchise tech-abled coffee chain. It was founded in 2018 by Robin Boe and Elisa Suteja. Fore Coffee has a slightly different price point than Kopi Kenangan, starting at IDR 20,000 with Aren Latte. They take modern theme and interior design in their shops and have signature reusable cups for their iced beverages. By June 2020, Fore Coffee has opened about 70 stores across Java.

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