Alpha JWC ventures into Vietnam with Pre-Series A funding for enterprise SaaS platform

Jan 31, 2019

We started reaching into Vietnamese startup scene through a Pre-Series A funding for, the country’s leading enterprise SaaS platform. The funding is’s second round of funding, with the amount of US$ 1.3 million, co-led by Alpha JWC Ventures and Beenext. It has been known that this amount is the biggest ever fund raised by a B2B tech company in Vietnam. “Base’s mission is to build the future of work. We are just started and there are so many interesting things ahead. We imagine in the next five years, enterprises will operate and manage effectively using the best technology, and we want to bring that transformative future for everyone now. We spend the last two years building a special model capable of integrating various apps into a centralized place. Each app will be the best solution for a single business function, and blended together to become a powerful workplace for enterprises,” says’s Co-Founder and CEO Hung Pham. While each application on Base platform can work separately on a standalone basis, they can also communicate freely with each other via internal APIs. The overall result is a more streamlined and engaging working environment. So far has developed over 20 applications covering two verticals: human resources and productivity. Noticeable applications include: Base E-Hiring as an Applicant Tracking System; Base Wework as a Task & Project Management Platform, and Base Request as an Internal Request Management. Base’s products have been used daily by more than 500 SMEs and leading corporate customers in Vietnam, including VIB Bank, VP Bank, McDonald’s, MK Group, The Coffee House, and VinCommerce. “Selling for enterprises is challenging, and with its outstanding products has managed to become a market leader in SaaS sector in Vietnam,” says Alpha JWC Co-Founder and Managing Partner Chandra Tjan. “Hung is a serial entrepreneur with strong technical founder and we believe Base can be the leading SaaS platform in Southeast Asia and beyond.” This deal also marks Alpha JWC Ventures’ first investment in Vietnam. “With our second fund, we want to make a bigger impact in the regional tech scene, while also maintaining our influence in Indonesia. After Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, we believe Vietnam can be the next up and coming tech giant in the region, and is at the forefront of the country’s tech revolution. We’re excited to see what we can do together and how we can empower more Vietnamese tech companies in the future and help them expand to Indonesia and beyond,” Chandra says. For Base, this funding will be the start of its plan of regional expansion. “Our priority with this funding is to acquire more talents for product development and build a solid pedestal for our strategic expansion in Southeast Asia in mid-2019,” Hung Pham says. “With our products, solid team, and strategic investors, we are positive that we can be the leading SaaS platform in the region in the near future.”