Alpha JWC Ventures Sees Strong 2022 Dealflows for SE Asia’s Startups – Deploys Over $100 Million in Investments From Fund III

Apr 12, 2022

Singapore, 5 April 2022 –  Alpha JWC Ventures (Alpha JWC), Indonesia’s largest and SEA’s best-performing early-stage venture capital (VC) firm has announced a strong first-quarter showing as the company witnessed record portfolio growth. With 30 new signed deals from its Fund III, Alpha JWC is currently on track to achieve even greater opportunities in the year. Its portfolio of startups jointly recorded higher revenue growth in Q1 2022 as compared to Q1 2021.

Alpha JWC has been an active investor for early-stage startups for the past seven years, enabling highly-capable startups to grow and thrive in the complex tech landscape in Southeast Asia Region. From its Fund III, approximately 50% of Alpha JWC newly signed companies are seed/pre-seed investments with five more upcoming early-stage fundings in the pipeline. With its ticket size as low as USD $100k, Alpha JWC aims above and beyond in providing startups with the resources, funds, and guidance to accelerate further in the industry.

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Bullish on Indonesia’s Growth

“There’s a lot of global investor interest in Indonesia’s digital economy across both Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities, however, Alpha JWC continues to be a trusted partner for more high-potential startups looking to make a legacy impact throughout the region. Reflecting the growing trust and confidence of founders in partnering with us, we’ve deployed more in the last seven months than we have in the last seven years,” said Jefrey Joe, Co-Founder and General Partner of Alpha JWC.

“The unwavering confidence Alpha JWC Ventures places in our partners have paid strong dividends in the past, and we continue to learn from this. Among our existing portfolio companies – Una Brands, Ajaib, and most recently, Sayurbox, saw immense traction and received follow-on investments. This is a reflection of that continued commitment, and how we want to remain their trusted partners,” added Jefrey.

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Alpha JWC continues to be a trusted partner for more high-potential startups looking to make a legacy impact throughout the region, particularly in Indonesia. The firm’s momentum is in tandem with an inflection point in Southeast Asia, as the region sees a surge in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) on global and local exchanges like NASDAQ and the Indonesia Exchange (IDX), and SPACs since 2022. Having been established in 2015 however, Alpha JWC is among the first VCs to capitalize on the growth potential of Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Referencing the firm’s strong Indonesian heritage and a rapidly expanding regional focus, Eko Kurniadi, Partner – Investments, Alpha JWC said, “Although we planted our roots in Indonesia’s startup ecosystem, Alpha JWC is a regional VC firm. Our broader SEA portfolio experiences strong growth trajectories, thanks to the large multi-market potentials, coupled with a clear playbook of Alpha JWC’s success and foundation in Indonesia. We provide full support when our partner companies want to enter Indonesia, SEA’s largest market – setting them up to be a regional champion.”

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With impressive Q4 performance in 2021 creating rolling momentum into 2022, followed by a successful Q1 showing, Alpha JWC has largely staved off the region-wide post-pandemic challenges“We have been with our portfolio companies in their journeys of ups and downs, and we are immensely proud of their achievements, including the newly-crowned unicorns, CARRO, Ajaib, Kopi Kenangan, and FinAccel whom we have worked closely together with since the beginning. We value their lasting trust and are mindful that we still have work to do, to empower many more founders and businesses alike,” added Chandra Tjan, Co-Founder and General Partner of Alpha JWC.

With the robust momentum of Fund III, Alpha JWC looks to continue its track record of success, its future deployments, and be the trusted partner for more high-potential startups looking to make legacy impact throughout the region.