Indonesia-focused value-adding venture capital firm with deep expertise in FinTech and Sustainable Consumer sector


Indonesia-focused with top-tier experienced local team

Nobody knows Indonesian tech market better than we do. With a world-class local on-the-ground team and our strategic local and global network, we are the best partner for businesses operating in or entering Indonesia.

Deep expertise in FinTech and Sustainable Consumer sector

We have developed expertise in FinTech and Sustainable Consumer sector as we believe they have big potential in Indonesia. In addition, as a technology-focused investor, we continue to look for the next waves of innovation.

Commitment to value creation and social impact

We are an independent and institutional firm that believes in investing in a disciplined manner combined with active portfolio management approach.  We take a long-term perspective to create a positive social impact when we partner with entrepreneurs in line with our capital partners of high-quality institutional investors in Asia, US and Europe.


We back innovative technology entrepreneurs from seed to series B investment rounds, in addition to providing follow-on funding as the business grows


We believe that technology can be a force for social change to make the world a better place, and we are proud of the impact that our Alpha JWC family has created

Indonesian tax payment facilitated by OnlinePajak

registered corporate tax payers by OnlinePajak

SMEs received business loans from Funding Societies/Modalku

individuals received micro loans from UangTeman

SMEs digitized in rural areas by Sepulsa

farmers supported by TaniHub and TaniFund


Building a start-up is not easy, and we have the best local team with world-class complementary skill-sets and experiences to be your trusted partner in your journey through thick and thin

Jefrey Joe

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Will Ongkowidjaja

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Chandra Tjan

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Terry Tse

Venture Partner

Melina Subastian

Investment Manager

Muhammad Reza Widodo

Investment Executive

Patrick Kuntara

Investment Analyst

Adelia Anjani Putri

Strategic Communications Executive

Pintaro Mulia, CFA

Vice President of Finance

Meta Handayani

Senior Finance Staff


We invest in people, not only businesses, and we are proud to partner with these amazing entrepreneurs


A Great Blend.

I have the highest regard for the Alpha JWC team. The team is a great blend of different areas of expertise, which gives it a balance that no other fund has in Indonesia. They’ve been extremely helpful and supportive throughout our journey, we couldn’t have asked for more from our Indonesian investors.”


Alpha JWC is an entrepreneur-first venture capital firm. They understand the struggle and hustle of a founder. They took risk when no one else did and try to add as much value as they can without being too intrusive. They’ve been a great partner to Sale Stock.”

Lingga Madu

More Than A VC.

When we were fundraising, we wanted investors that can give more than just fund, but also the knowledge to conquer Indonesian market. We needed a trustworthy partner and Alpha JWC fit the profile. From there, Alpha has helped us navigate the market, introduced us to the potential market, and brought in suitable talents. Even with our unusual business model, Alpha JWC made it work and helped us move further.”

Aditya Lesmana

More Than A Partnership, It’s A Friendship.

We chose Alpha JWC because they are visionary — they are the first one to understand our vision in online lending. To be partners, you have to appreciate the same vision and be willing to take it seriously. So far, they have been giving us the needed support, in terms of introductions to necessary parties, the comparison of efficiency matrix of other lending companies, and useful directions. As we’re on the process of another fund raising, having Alpha JWC’s name as anchor investor also helps a lot.

Alpha JWC is like a true friend. They stick around through the good times and bad times.”

Aidil Zulkifli

Faith In Our Vision.

Alpha JWC was a great investor partner to Spacemob as they have been instrumental from the ideation to deployment stage of the company. The partners are always accessible and a phone call away for quick catch-ups or even brainstorming sessions. Their vast support network to LPs, regional insights and access to thought leaders are attributes that tell them apart from their industry peers. We are fortunate and grateful for their support and faith in our vision.”

Turochas 'T' Fuad

Independent, Supportive, And Complementary.

When we were looking for a local partner, what really convinced me to choose Alpha JWC is that the Firm is an independent VC  as they’re not linked to any conglomerate family nor industry consortium. OnlinePajak cannot afford to be linked to such investors. It’s rare to find an independent VC, and Alpha JWC is the best choice for us. So far, I’m happy with their role and our work dynamic. Our relationship is very efficient and has been very enriching for our journey.”

Charles Guinot

Working Partners.

Alpha JWC is willing to roll their sleeves to work as partners, not just as an investor. They have been sitting next to me to overcome the challenges in growing our business. They show real values, they believe in partnership, and they have wide network that helps us to grow further.”

Regi Wahyu

A Real Partner.

We chose to partner with Alpha JWC because we were looking for value-added investors and Alpha JWC was the right choice as they have strategic value as well. So far, it has been a very good working relationship. The team is always helping us and deliver in terms of getting us to the right direction and aligning throughout the process. It’s always about how we can progress better together.”

Raena Lim


We chose Alpha JWC because we saw that the Firm can give so much added value. They have helped us shape the business and connected us to the right network to push our business further. Moreover, the three partners have wide network and different sets of skills, thus they can offer different point of views and open so many doors for us.”

Ananto Wibisono

Supportive, Visionary, Engaged.

Alpha JWC is an extremely supportive investor. Not only through easy times, but in difficult and less certain times Alpha JWC partners are engaged in helping via any resources they can provide internally (Legal, HR & Operational and Marketing & PR teams are ready to give hands-on support) and also any external connections required. Alpha JWC members are quite visionary and have been contributing very actively with valuable insights and thoughts in our Board and through regular engagements, adding great value to our company.”

Pedro Principe

Complete, Proactive, Focused.

Alpha JWC has a complete and diverse team that will help portfolio companies overcome hurdles especially in the early days, be it in operations, legal, tech, human capital, or growth plan. The team has been very proactive in helping it’s portfolio companies, largely thanks to their focus-investment strategy that enable them to focus more.”


Alpha JWC is more than just a regular investor; as a multi-talent venture capital firm they have provided us with tremendous value related to recruiting, business development and general management. Their support during our seed through A stage has been one of the reasons why we have been able to find the right talent and scale quickly.”

Iwan Kurniawan


A glimpse of how Alpha JWC family is making a positive difference in Indonesia and beyond