Tani Group Empowers Indonesian Farmers to Create More Value and Improve Livelihood

Founders of TaniGroup: Ivan Arie, Pamitra Wineka, Michael Jovan, William Setiawan, Edwin Setiawan, and Oki Setiawan.

It seems quite paradoxical that Indonesia is known as an agricultural country yet most of its farmers’ condition is far from prosperous. Despite the fact that agriculture is the second largest contributor of the country’s GDP and the ever-increasing domestic demand for livestock, horticulture, and food crops, agriculture sector — excluding the palm oil business — agriculture is not seen as sexy enough for the private sector to jump in. Tani Group begs to differ.

Tani Group, Alpha JWC Family latest member, is an agriculture-focused e-commerce and crowd-lending platform that connects farmers directly with business customers and lenders, providing integrated and efficient solution while at the same time increasing farmers’ welfare.