Ready to Accompany Listeners on Ramadhan, Noice Launched New Look and Contents

Apr 20, 2021

The NOICE streaming audio app has just launched its new look with additional features that will provide a more comfortable and enjoyable streaming experience. Welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, NOICE also launched new contents to accompany listeners in their free time.

With the new look of the NOICE application, users will find it easier to browse and play the available content. As NOICE aspires to be an application that keeps its users close by always trying to listen to user needs, the new look of the NOICE application includes features that have been requested by many NOICE users, such as: Continue Listening, Download, Sleep timer and Share to Instagram Story. These new features are now available in the Android app and will follow next month for iOS users.


Continue Listening is a “resume playing” feature to instantly listen to content that was last listened to, so users don’t have to bother looking when they haven’t finished listening to the content. Download is a feature where users can download content to their devices, so that users can access content without internet access. Sleep Timer is a feature to set the time when the app should stop playing automatically. Meanwhile, with Share to Instagram Story users can directly share what they are listening to to their Instagram account without having to take a screenshot.

New Content to Welcome Ramadhan

To celebrate the month of Ramadhan, NOICE also invited Ustaz Husein Ja’far Al Hadar to create a podcast titled ‘Berbeda tapi Bersama’ which will explore the differences that exist from two different perspectives, where these differences are not debated but embraced and mutually appreciated. NOICE will also present the podcast ‘Ramadhan di Ruang Tamu’ by comedian Randhika Djamil who will go around houses to find out people’s habits during the month of Ramadan. In addition, NOICE listeners will also be able to listen to other new podcast series with announcer and comedian Onad & Danang (‘Onad & Danang Meet Everybody’), host Hesti Purwadinata (‘VS Netizen’), and others.

“Berbeda tapi Bersama presents a different perspective on an issue or a problem. I will bring a religious or Islamic perspective, while the guest stars we invite will have different, or even opposite perspectives from mine,” explained Ustaz Husein Ja’far Al Hadar. “In this podcast, I will invite my guest stars to have a dialogue openly and honestly and directly about various issues.”

With these new contents, NOICE hopes to continue to provide entertaining, informative, and easily accessible content for Indonesia people. In the year and a half since its launch, NOICE has experienced rapid development in terms of content and app users. As of March 2021, NOICE has more than 560,000 users where daily listeners can spend more than an hour listening to content on NOICE. Content wise, NOICE already has more than 1,000 hours of audio content that can be accessed anytime and more than 10,000 total audio content in the form of podcast, radio and music episodes.

In addition to podcasts, music and radio, NOICE will launch a new content format in the form of audiobooks in the second quarter of this year. This new format contains book summaries in audio format which is suitable for listeners who do not have time to read but want to get the essence of the most popular books in Indonesia. NOICE will also launch several social features that will facilitate interaction between fellow listeners as well as listeners and creators at NOICE.

In addition to new features and content, this year, NOICE also plans to launch a special partnership with a telecommunications company in Indonesia to continue to delight listeners and develop products. “We are still finalizing the form of this partnership, but we hope that with this partnership, NOICE listeners will be able to access more content on NOICE,” said Adrian Syarkawie, President Director of PT Mahaka Radio Integra Tbk (MARI) and CEO of NOICE.

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