Ministry of Communication and Informatics welcomes Alpha JWC Ventures portfolio companies for regulation-related consultations

Oct 20, 2015

As a part of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, the Directorate General of Informatics Application serves the role of policy making and its implementation in informatics application. In fulfilling their role, their functions include the following:
– Policy making and implementation in e-Government, e-Business, information security, technology and infrastructure improvement
– Creating standards, procedures, and criteria in the e-Government field
– Providing technical guidance and supervision in the e-Government field
– Evaluation and reporting in the e-Government, e-Business, information security, technology and application infrastructure area
– Administrative function of the Directorate General of Informatics Application
– Execution of other functions as assigned by the Minister

As part of their functions, they offer assistance to tech-enabled companies in multiple aspects, including regulation update & consultation related to various business sectors, and helping companies connect to other government institutions.

The Directorate General of Informatics Application has recently provided assitance to one of our portfolio companies, Alterra. Alterra is currently working on a government initiative to serve local government with its tech solutions. One of the challenges they face in the project is hesitation from the local government to use their solutions due to unclear regulation in the space. Having studied the issue, the team realized that Kemenkominfo is one of the main stakeholders responsible for making the regulation in the space in which Alterra is working. Not long after that, we helped Alterra to arrange a consultation with Kemenkominfo to clarify our understanding regarding the regulation. During the session, Alterra team shared their government initiative and the challenges with Kemenkominfo, represented by the Head Implementation of ICT Empowerment and the legal team. The consultation provided clarity on the next steps for Alterra to take, specifically on the registration process for their solution, as well as which other stakeholders Alterra needs to approach for further discussion.