HS Chau Foundation and Alpha JWC Ventures donate 100,000 masks to 60 hospitals via BenihBaik and DKMG

Nov 5, 2021


On October 28th, Alpha JWC Ventures and HS Chau Fuondation through Benih Baik and DKMG donated 100 thousand KF-95 masks to hospitals all over Indonesia. The masks will be sent to Central Java, West Java, NTT, Yogyakarta, Lampung, and Bali to support patients and medical worker to protect themselves and minimize the spread of the virus.

As a part of the Alpha JWC COVID relief program, we hoped that this donation could not only contribute to the ongoing fights against the coronavirus

but also serve as a reminder to the public to always be mindful to the health protocols as our war against COVID is not fully over yet.

The video is originally posted on Metro TV news. Watch the original video here.