Felicia Natalie

Manager, Value Creation

Felicia is a people and organization expert with experience in early-stage technology start-ups.

As the manager of value creation, Felicia works together with portfolio companies within the Alpha JWC family to identify and collaborate with portfolio teams to solve organizational issues and improvement initiatives, ranging from organisational setup for newly invested companies to strategic recruitment to scale up teams, talent market benchmarking, as well as staying on top of best practice human capital strategies. 

Previously, Felicia has worked with multiple technology start-ups from various sectors and stages in a human capital capacity. She was also a certified barista and mental health first-aider. She is a big believer in workplace psychological safety and has initiated a number of initiatives for mental wellness throughout her roles as a human capital professional. She is also an avid reader of murder and crime books, and had wanted to be a criminologist at one point in her life before deciding to pursue the less thrilling, but no less interesting discipline of psychology. When not reading about murders, she explores cafes around Jakarta and more, and sometimes tries new coffee recipes using her trusted Aeropress. Be it for professional collaboration or coffee recommendations, she always welcomes any networking opportunities.

Felicia graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Psychology & Marketing from Singapore Management University, and subsequently earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology from the University of Melbourne.