Modalku is online peer to peer lending marketplace based in Jakarta, Indonesia for small businesses to acquire loans and for lenders to fund small business loans to earn compelling returns.

A rapidly growing and innovative financial technology platform, Modalku pioneered peer-to-peer lending in Indonesia. Modalku’s mission statement is to empower local SMEs through its peer-to-peer business loans. The platform’s online-based lending activities have created secure and affordable loans for borrowers, along with an attractive yet reliable alternative investment for lenders.

Modalku is also committed to proactive collaborations with national regulators, fully intending to help create a better FinTech ecosystem and a more inclusive financial world in Indonesia. Modalku is a trademark owned by PT Mitrausaha Indonesia Grup and is legally registered in Indonesia.

Established : January 2016
Founders : Reynold Wijaya, Kelvin Teo, Iwan Kurniawan