Jualo.com is The Indonesia-based e-classifieds marketplace for second hand goods that is on a mission to empower every Indonesian. Jualo.com brings safety and convenience as optional added features to the previous traditional e-classifieds model, acting thus as a hybrid between e-classifieds and e-commerce, with safe escrow payment features, door to door deliveries, and more! Hold strong vision to be the safest c2c e-classifieds marketplace in Indonesia where sellers and buyers engage in successful transactions within minutes.

Jualo.com is the first C2C marketplace to use geo-search functionality, thereby making it possible for buyers to find their desired goods around the corner.
Jualo give back to the community through its close involvement with the Peduli Anak foundation and profit sharing pledge.

Established : January 2014
Founders : Chaim Fetter, Bjorn Dudok van Heel